Saturday, July 9, 2011

WMI Corporation Introduces ProActive Orthopedic and Sports Physical Therapy to the WMI Corp Global Network

Press Release
Communique de Presse
Date: May 2011
WMI Corporation introduces ProActive Orthopedic and Sports Physical Therapy to the WMI Corp Global Network.

WMI Corp is pleased to announce the involvement of ProActive PT as an official medical partner to the WMI Corp Global Network.

WMI Corp being the leading global medical provider in the action sports industry and crashes and injuries that are unfortunately a part of the industry; with that in mind, WMI Corp and it’s principles are dedicated to offer its professional athletes the best Emergency Medical Treatment and follow up medical care possible.

WMI Corp. under the leadership of Rick Bahr, WMI Corp. is the premier event medical management company in the world. They are very experienced with all types of high risk sports such as auto racing, motocross, boat racing, skiing, snowboarding, skateboarding, and BMX. As WMI Corp. Executive Medical Director, Rick Bahr has been involved in many events such as  the Dew Tour, UCI World Cups and World Championships, NBC Summer Gravity Games, NBC Winter Gravity Games to name a few.

WMI Corp. along with ProActive PT will provide a comprehensive medical program that includes coverage of its events, organization and development of a comprehensive medical program world-wide.

Along with WMI Corp’s global presence, WMI Corp will work closely with ProActive PT to develop a comprehensive multidisciplinary medical operation throughout Oregon and Washington State involving professional medical coverage of local events and high schools.  They will work closely with local medical professionals to set up comprehensive medical coverage for an event.

“ProActive PT is very excited to be part of the WMI Corp Global Network and to bring this level of medical expertise to our already successful Company and outreach programs.” says Larry Krout, an Owner and Managing Partner of ProActive PT. “I believe this will be very welcomed in our community by the teams and athletes, knowing that they will be attended to by very experienced medical professionals and also the fact that it will be the same medical personnel that take care of high profile Professional and Olympic Athletes around the Globe” continues Krout.

“WMI Corp is very excited to have ProActive PT in its Global Network and that ProActive PT shares in the vision it has to provide quality care and medical professionalism to its Athletes and its events” says Rick Bahr, WMI Corp President / CEO.  “Athletes world-wide agree that a consistent professional medical team that understands their sport and level of competition is key to their individual performance and ability to compete at the highest levels; WMI Corp’s experienced staff with proven ability at the highest level of sport competition offers these Athletes and their Teams the comfort of knowing the best decisions will be made and the best possible medical care will be provided to all Athletes competing in WMI Corp medical provided events world-wide.”

ProActive Orthopedic and Sports Physical Therapy, founded in 2002, is a leading Physical Therapy provider to Athletes and Active people in the States of Washington and Oregon. Headquartered in Fairview, Oregon, ProActive PT boasts 8 area clinics as well as outreach programs that provide sports medicine care to 7 area high schools.

Winning Medicine Corporation, WMI Corp. is the premier event medicine and rescue
management company in the world. In 1988 WMI Corp. burst onto the scene providing comprehensive medical coverage worldwide to Olympic and National Team Athletes.

In 1990 WMI launched a nationwide medical network for ESPN, Anheuser-Busch, and CE Sports most dynamic, popular, and exciting lifestyle sports. With an established professional medical network that reaches world-wide, WMI Corp. continues to bring personal and professional medical management to the forefront of athletic sporting events.  WMI Corp is the official medical and rescue provider for the Dew Tours (Global Operations- owned by NBC Sports and MTV 1, MTV 2 and operated by Alli Sports), UCI – Union Cycleste International World Tours (a Division of the IOC, International Olympic Committee), GSX – Global BMX Supercross, Bayfair San Diego (Unlimited Hydroplane Races), and USA Cycling Team (BMX Supercross Team), to name a few.

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