Wednesday, June 13, 2012


PerformTex™ Products Partners with WMI Corp.

Hatboro,   PA May 29, 2012 –PerformTex   is pleased to announce the Strategic Partnership as an official medical   partner to the WMI Corp Global Network.

WMI Corporation along with   PerformTex will provide a comprehensive Risk Management and Medical/Rescue   program that includes coverage of its world-class amateur and professional   events, organizations and development worldwide.

“Knowing that these athletes   expect the best and that our products hold up to the rigorous demands speaks   volumes to the quality care and products we both bring to the table”, says   John Jarvis, Marketing Director of PerformTex.  “Partnering two forward thinking   companies that are truly the innovators and leaders within their industry on a   global level is something we are extremely proud to be a part of. The fact   that it will be the same medical personnel that take care of high profile   professional and Olympic athletes around the globe and knowing that we are   there to offer the support needed, is an important step for our young   company.” continues Jarvis.

“WMI Corp is very excited to   have PerformTex in its Global Network and that PerformTex shares in the vision   to provide quality and superior products to our medical professionals so that   we in turn can deliver high quality care to our athletes and events” says Rick   Bahr, WMI Corporation President / CEO.    “Athletes world-wide agree that a consistent professional medical team   that understands their sport and level of competition is key to their   individual performance and ability to compete at the highest levels; WMI   Corp’s experienced staff with proven ability at the highest level of sport   competition offers these athletes and their teams the comfort of knowing the   best decisions will be made and the best possible medical care and products   (PerformTex) will be used and provided to all athletes competing in WMI Corp   medical provided events world-wide.”

PerformTex Products, LLC.    Is a leading supplier of the most advanced kinesiology tape on the   market, with its patented twin groove technology adhesive pattern, which   encourages increased adhesive stability and deeper fascial penetration for   increased fluid flow.  With   operations and distribution points throughout the world, PerformTex has   effectively increased its visibility and options in this very competitive   environment.

Winning Medicine International, (WMI Corporation) is the premier risk management, event medicine and   rescue management Company in the world. In 1988 WMI Corp. burst onto the scene   providing comprehensive risk management and medical coverage worldwide to   Olympic and National Team Athletes.

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