Monday, February 7, 2011

A Philosophical Moment with the Traveling Coffee Cup 2-3-11

I do believe more Americans need to spend more time understanding cultures and people around the world instead of always isolating themselves in their bubble of USA superiority.  I am not "knocking" us; just pointing out the awareness that many around the world share in many values and quality beliefs that we do.  A criticism would be is this; I think we as Americans, since we have it so good, often forget simple basic understandings and we get hung up on impressing those around us or "keeping up with the Jones". 

As I travel the world, I am more and more aware of how many people out there are happier than we are with a lot less luxuries than we have every day.  They do share similar and identical problems as we do, I just believe their priorities regarding those problems are different.

Example 1:  Why most of our children as well as ourselves stay inside and/or work on the weekend with the exception of working on improving our houses, many Europeans spend time with family and friends in the local parks.  The local city parks are filled with life during these times with people socializing, playing around, and having a good time while still resting.

Example 2: Most South Africans and many Africans I have met and know, are filled with laughter, socialize with each other and are very courteous even when they don't know each other.  It is very common for some one to offer assistance to someone lifting their bag in the overhead compartment of a plane; how often do you see that in the USA?  I fly all the time around the world and I only see that consistently with South Africans, as well as, others from Africa.  This is not to exclude others around the world, this is just an example of an observation I have made.

I am not "bashing" anyone from the USA or anywhere else, I am guilty of many things including not being courteous, but it is refreshing to see this trait and without being judgmental but with individuals that do not seem to have completely adopted "keeping up with the Jones" and express they are more content with where they are by their joy and laughter.

Know one but God can truly know a person and know if they are happy, content, or not or how "driven" or what motivates them or not;  I just don't see individuals who have a lot of material goods come across happy unless they have a quality and good strong family around them.

As for this coffee mug, although I do fall short of the cabinet often, I have the best coffee bean partner that one could ask for and am surrounded by our two wonderful kiddy cups (now teen cups), as well as, the best puppies one could have. This keeps me happy!  "My cup truly does overflow-ith."

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