Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Saga Continues with the Traveling Coffee Cup 2.07.11 - 2.13.11

I am nearly 'down to my last drop' this week, but it was worth every moment.  The Winter Dew Tour Championships combined with climbing to elevations upward of 9,000ft to marvel at the spectacular views of Utah's Wasatch Mountains, made my time spent at Snowbasin Ski Resort in Huntsville a 'brew to remember'.  Perfect weather conditions with bright sun and not a cloud in the sky made 'blueberries' every day, which really was the 'cherry topping' on a great week.  For those of you who have never been to the Sun Valley's Snowbasin resort, you are truly missing out on one of Utah's 'best kept secrets'.  This picturesque gem established in the 1940's came from humble beginnings with just two rope tows that lifted local powder-hungry skiers up Becker Hill.  What started as a local skier's delight, soon evolved into a seasonal lure for skiers and snowboarders from all around the world.  This 'best kept secret' was up in 2002 when Snowbasin Resort hit the pro circuit after hosting the men's and women's Downhill, Super G, Combined, and Paralymipc winter events. 

Snowbasin is a part of the Sinclair Corporation family of companies, which also includes the Grand America, Little America Hotels, Westgate Plaza, and Sun Valley Resort.  So cool!  I've been told that the owner actually hand-selected all of the materials utilized within the restaurants around the mountain, some of which traveled across the globe to get here. Enjoy the photos below and be sure to put Snowbasin on your bucket list of places to visit!

Welcome to the Needles Lodge. I'm just here relaxing by the fire. 
You won't find a more peaceful place.
My view from the lodge. Truly a slice of Heaven.
Another look down the mountain from the Needles Lodge.
Here's where you get off from the Gondola to enter the Needles Lodge.

 Felt like getting some fresh air and sunshine.

Just checking over the map to see where I'm going to journey to next.
I'm hoping we don't need to utilize this today.

This is one of the several magnificent chandeliers on the resort.

 A closer look at the detail of the chandelier.

 This perfect setting to kick back and enjoy some delicious cuisine.....AH- MAZING!!!

The next series of pictures are definitely worth seeing in person.  Everyone 
knows that Snowbasin has absolutely the nicest restrooms you'll ever
visit at any ski resort.  They're wonderfully decorated, very private and always clean. 
It has been said that this might be one of the swankiest bathrooms you'll ever use. 

A look into the main vanity area of the woman's bathroom in the Needles Lodge.

 Another view of the vanity area.

The hallway of private bathrooms.  Notice that the doors go all the way to the  floor.
Part of the decor as you enter the restroom in the Needles Lodge.
A fancy light fixture in the restroom.

Time to head back down to Main Medical.  I'm loving the view from the Gondola.

To follow, pictures of us running the venues and some of the action that happened up on the hill over the course of the week.  For more current, up-to-date information, please follow us on twitter @WMICorp and "Like" us on Facebook - WMICorp.

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